ripple effect band

Maningrida, NT, AUSTRALIA

Whilst following in the tradition of saltwater reggae rock from the top end, Ripple Effect Band are exciting and innovative as the first women from their community to take up instruments and form their own band.

Photo by Benjamin Warlngundu Ellis

photo by Tanja Bruckner

Ndjébbana Na-kara Burarra Kune
Kuninjku English

We want to do this music for our community and our people back in Maningrida.

We like to inspire our young women and girls out there to feel confident and to love and respect themselves.

Tara Rostron (bass guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals)
Darwin Festival 2020. Photo by Benjamin Warlngundu Ellis 

photo by Tanja Bruckner

For enquiries and bookings contact:

Jodie Kell ph: 0458266994

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Photo by Genevieve Meehan

I am proud to be a mother who plays music. We tour with my youngest son, Rayshaun. This children’s song is in my language Na-kara called Nabárrdja -The Little Crab

Rona lawrence (bass player and vocalist)