Ta’sia AND clarence kingston

Ta’sia and Clarence Kingston have been working closely for the last couple of years. Their creative heads being put together on collaboration projects usually ends up in experimental but rhythmically solid songs + a bunch of killa live shows, video clips and a community of musicians and artists working on the whole project. Overall, great projects to watch as they come together.

Photo by Shima Kei

Beluga is a 9-track collaboration album by producers and musicians Ta’sia and
Clarence Kingston. Each producer would lay down beats, melodies or samples,
and the album emerged as a creative focus during a blurred and isolating year.
Through exchanging and evolving ideas between each other’s separate home
studios in Newcastle and Melbourne, this album is a soulful and celebrated
expression of self. The Album features artists Ena Illume, Koscheke, Nino, James
Hodgett, Jodie Kell, Naomi Blanch, Declan Lucas and Joe Terror. The idea of the
project was to co-create an album with Ta’sia and Clarence, while featuring artists that have merged their own expression, to create Beluga. This album was released on the 9th of June 2021.

Clarence Kingston and Ta’sia are currently working on a live show performance of the Album to be showcased at the Playhouse Theatre in Newcastle On November the 27th 2021.

Photo By Shima Kei
Photo By Shima Kei

Now they both down in the big smoke of Melbourne town. Get in contact, watch them live, follow them on insta, whatever you want to do. They will be playing and making music down there.