Issa Mané and the cinco royal all stars

The Cinco royal all stars

Joining issa will be the Cinco Royal All Stars, a band and supergroup made-up from local Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney artists inlcuding Justin Moon(Phonolab) on beats, Byron Williams(The Herd) on Guitar, Thierno(Guinea) on Jembe, Ta’sia on sax, Ingrid Moon(Cinco Loco’s) on Sax, Jodie kell(Ripple Effect band) on trumpet, Kai McGilvray(The FRMGs) on Keys and Clarence Playford (Ackeron st. Records) on bass.

Issa mane and the cinco royal all stars combine flavours and sounds to create the perfect mix of dub, electronica, soul and reggae music

Issa’s container to africa

At the beginning of 2020, Issa embarked on a mission to ship a container full of 2nd hand goods, school supplies, surfboards, hospital supplies, furniture, boats, motors and a kit full of tools.

“In my Village, Thonk Essil (South Senegal) it’s very very difficult to get good quality 2nd-hand goods – and if you can you will spend all your money like that” – Issa. But as we all know Australia’s 2nd hand market is off-the-hook and Issa is using this market to get good quality work gear to needed fisherman and carpenters, much needed beds and trolleys to hospitals, books and desks to schools.

Issa Mané and The CInco Royal All Stars have been doing fundraisers for the container over the last couple of years and the project is well off the ground. Help is always needed

issa mané

Stemming from South Senegal (West Africa), Issa Mané is a Reggae and Musical icon in Newcastle, Australia. While singing in 4 different tongues and playing styles from reggae to hip-hop, Issa is a also a prominent  individual in the African and wider community.

reggae dub isn’t allowed without a sound system
so the big boss sound system can play wherever issa mané plays

Created by the classic but inventive Newcastle vintage Jamaican Music Appreciation Society The Big Boss lives and breathes the bassline, contours the high end and curves the mids.